The heart of the much-admired S3 and TT as well as other Audi models, has trampled category rivals to a best-in-class win for the third successive year in the 27 Engine of the Year awards. A jury of more than 6 recognized trade journalists from 3 countries named the 2. TFSI engine the winner of the esteemed award.

The jury intimated that that the striking four-cylinder unit is the dominant engine in its class, giving the verdict that it is “not only incredibly versatile and clever, but also remarkably powerful.” The 2. TFSI offers vigorous pulling power that is mated to daily riding suitability. The jury also observed that the automaker has showcased excellent development in the 1.8-litre to 2.-litre segment this year.

The 2. TFSI unit was primarily fitted in the Audi A3 Sportback. Now, it is also featured in the A4 and A6 model lines as well as in many other Volkswagen Group models. This Audi engine is available in output versions ranging from 17 to 265 base horsepower, from the outstandingly fuel-efficient A4 2. TFSI engine to the predominantly sporty Audi S3. The engine is complemented by a powerful Audi strut, radiator, suspension and other quality auto parts to offer an improved auto performance, handling and driving dynamics.

In 26, the well-commended engine was joined by a smaller capacity unit also blending turbo charging with the FSI direct petrol injection to offer an even improved fuel efficiency – the 1.8-litre TFSI with 16PS. This unit, priced from £18,115 OTR, is currently available in the A3 1.8 TFSI engine unit.

A second A6 Le Mans Edition model, that comes equipped with the 2.7-litre common rail piezo injection TDI engine with 18PS, is now available in addition to the 3.-litre TDI version launched in the previous year. Priced from £3,5 OTR, the new A6 2.7 TDI Le Mans Edition can be ordered in both Avant and Saloon body styles and with either a quattro four-wheel-drive or a front-wheel-drive. The new addition commemorates the Audi R1 TDIs highly successful Le Mans racing career.

Based on the prominent S line model, the Le Mans Edition adds 19-inch seven-arm double-spoke alloy wheels, heated front seats, the Volterra leather upholstery, a rear acoustic parking and metallic or pearl effect paint for a premium of just £115. Prices start from £3,5 OTR for the A6 2.7 TDI Le Mans Edition.

The two A6 Le Mans TDI specials commemorate the Vorsprung Durch Technik brands diversification into diesel power in last years arduous 24 Hours of Le Mans marathon race, which was crowned by the Audi R1 TDI sports prototypes victory on its maiden Le Mans outing. The R1 TDI will hit the race track once again on June 16th and 17th at Le Mans 27.

Separately, the Audi RS4 briefly becomes an exhibitionist, marking the opening of Americas annual Art Chicago contemporary art fair this month with an arresting paint job created by Brazilian artist Romero Britto. Britto has been a fixture on the international art scene since 1989 when he was commissioned by Absolut Vodka, along with Keith Haring and Andy Warhol, to design a bottle label for the company. Brittos Pop Art is constantly commissioned for corporate collections worldwide.