Trixie is dating a local artist. She has known him for a couple of months. She knew that most artists had their own way of doing things. Her boy friend was no different. He was a seemingly nice guy but he took some getting use to. Sometimes he did unusual things.

For example, he once sat in a tree for 2 days. He said he was trying to get a feel of how birds felt. She figured it was just one of the weird habits that all artists possess. He also, frequently asked her to pose for photographs, but she refused.

She thought that was the end of it but he persisted. At first she was enjoying the attention. Then it just became annoying. He seemed to be obsessed with getting those photographs. He told her how he had never seen anyone as photogenic as her. He even said he thought she would make a terrific model.

He said he could send her photographs to some magazines to see what they thought. She thought are you crazy, I do not want my photographs in everyones hands. She declined. He stopped asking for a while. One day she went to his apartment. While she was there, he wanted to go out and get some art supplies.

Trixie thought buying art supplies was boring, so she stayed at the apartment. She wanted to learn more about what made the artist tick. She looked around the apartment. It was full of all types of art. She struggled to understand what was going through his mind when he created some of the pieces. He seemed to have a bizarre fascination with women. She dismissed it as just a part of his passion.

She came across a giant black photo album. She opened the album and thumbed through a few pages. All the photographs were of women. She thought, I can finally see how I compare to his previous girl friends. She looked at the pictures. She came across a section marked, special, with a black divider. She flipped the divider, and what she saw shocked her. It was photographs of her in her bathtub at home.

She became really scared and nervous. She did not know what to do. Fearing that the artist may be dangerous, she did not stay and confront him. All she could think about was getting out of that apartment with those photographs. She took the photographs to the police. They arrested the artist and charged him with invasion of privacy. Fearful of the consequences, Trixie moved to a different state.

Trixie knew that the artist had planted some kind of hidden camera in her bathroom. She still wonders if other photographs will surface one day. We all have to be careful of the people we allow into our homes and lives. Technology has made it possible for a persons privacy to be revealed to the world. It has also made it possible to know when someone is spying on you and your family.

You should periodically check your home and surroundings for invasion. Never under estimate the capability of an unscrupulous person. Lives have been ruined because of information or photographs of people in compromising positions. Protect your privacy by being aware that you can be a victim. Take steps to insure that you have the privacy you think you have.