Feeling anxious isn’t a comfortable feeling for any of us and the desire to gain some control over our anxiety is understandable. Anxiety can show itself when fear, nervousness, worry and possible paranoia have become fairly common in your life. It’s a state of mind that focuses on negative emotions and could be the result of an underlying traumatic experience. A lot of people who suffer from anxiety live their lives in fear and never truly enjoy many of the pleasures that life has to offer them. Although anxiety starts in the mind, in turn it also affects your body. The fear and panic that you feel can show up physically as shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweating or sickness.

When a person faces a real fear or threat, they experience what is commonly known as the “fight or flight” response. This response is a natural element of human survival and is an instinctive reaction to a perceived threat. When your body is often in a fearful state, your immune system becomes depressed. If you live with anxiety, panic, and fear for a long period of time, your immune systems is subjected to consistent suppression. This can leave your body open to infections, sickness, and disease.

As well as the physical side effects, feeling anxious stops you from enjoying many of lifes pleasures, both the great one and the small daily ones. In fact, the fear may become so intense that just carrying out normal day-to-day tasks become almost impossible to do. Scientific research shows that nearly twice as many women as men suffer from anxiety, panic, and fear related conditions.

Accompanying anxiety are phobias and fears. A lot of people face normal fears during their lives and this is to be expected as part of life. Its when people develop unhealthy fears for things that aren’t logical, or have a completely over the top response to a fear that the phobia can being interrupt normal life.

There are other anxiety related illnesses such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, it is essential to seek expert help for any anxiety related disorder that you are facing. A course of therapy along with medication might be needed. It could well be a long and tough journey of intensive therapy and other treatments, but the benefits are worth it. Imagine being able to feel peace, stability, security and joy once again.

In addition, aromatherapy is something that can help in many ways and its easy to get started with today. For instance, when you are feeling anxious, an aromatic bath can benefit you both emotionally and physically. Choose tranquil and nerve calming herbs to bathe in so that you’re fighting the feelings of fear naturally and let the tension and anxiety be released. A hot bath with ten drops of Chamomile added gives you a relaxing and anxiety-soothing bath. Make sure that you have the time scheduled just for yourself and soak for at least twenty minutes to gain the maximum benefit.

Another way of relaxing and getting rid of your fear is through massage. The feel of your body gently being massaged helps to relieve tension and can leave you feeling so refreshed. To make your own delightful massage oil, use six drops Bergamot essential oil, 6six drops of Clary Sage along with three drops of Frankincense. Mix these essential oils with 1-ounce carrier oil, and enjoy the massage.

Even if anxiety is a part of your life, you have choices available to handle it.