What is an E-Book? Ebook is short for Electronic Book which is a book that is delivered in electronic or computer format.

Ebooks are one of the post perfect viral marketing tools available on the Internet. It is simply a downloadable file that contains a group of compressed files. This file can be accessed from your website and downloaded an unlimited number of times by your visitors. Your visitors can then display your information by just opening your Ebook.

Everyone loves free things and they especially love free information about something that interests them.

Not only can ebooks provide your visitors with a valuable resource, but they also allow you to promote your services for free. By simply giving your ebook away and allowing it to be distributed for free it can literally be viewed by millions. What other marketing tool do you have that will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years to come? Ebooks are truly a great way to get loads of free traffic to your website in a short amount of time.

TIP: Set up a link in your Ebook so that your readers can recommend your ebook to their friends and online partners.

An Ebook should contain quality information that focuses on the subject matter while also promoting your product or service. The perfect ebook will target your potential customers by providing them with valuable information that will encourage them to pass it on.

The key to success with Ebook marketing is to encourage your visitors to distribute your ebook. If it is good, other online marketers may offer it to their visitors.

TIP: Allow other marketers to customize your ebook by adding their name and website address to it. Make sure your ebook compiler allows you to customize your informational fields using variables.

Another great feature of Ebooks is that with the click of a button your Ebook can be updated so that your visitor has the most current version.

What could you write about in your Ebook? Write about what you know about!

There are millions of people online so your ebook can target just about any audience. Your ebook should provide valuable information that cannot be found easily anywhere else. The more exclusive and hard to find the information, the more people will download your ebook. “How To” guides have been some of the most profitable ebooks ever created.

You should always include a link in your ebooks back to your website or affiliate program since people will have permanent access to it once they download it to their computers. If you update your ebook regularly then they may use your ebook again and again, thus seeing your link over and over again, which directs them to your site.

TIP: Include a message inside your ebook and on your website that states that others can give away your free ebook. This will bring in visitors and add value to their websites. Remember, the more times your ebook is downloaded then the more exposure and free traffic your website gets. This is the power of viral marketing.

Now is the perfect time to write an ebook. They are a new and powerful tool that opens up endless possibilities for online marketers to distribute information to the millions of people who are searching for many different things.

An ebook is one of the most easiest and productive ways to promote your business while providing quality information that you already possess. Not only will they help you promote your business but could also help you establish a name for yourself and your website, which is called branding.

TIP: Once you determine what topic you want to write about, research what is already available and then try to find a void that you can fill with your ebook.

People need information that is easy to read and easily understood. Entrepreneurs are looking for reviews on new opportunities, marketers need new advertising techniques. The possibilities are endless!

Ebooks are an essential tool that provide a forum for people to learn, but they are also a great way to advertise your business at the same time.

Copyright 2006 by Joe Rispoli