When you walk down any high street in any big city anywhere in the world you are greeted by the same old faces of big business. The big boys with their massive development and advertising budgets have long since made our towns and cities their own.

To really make an impact on the high street you have to have the best location. Location is what its all about. Getting out there where the people are and then enticing them into your store. Location appears to undoubtably be the No1 rule of success on the high street.

But do the same rules apply to the Internet. If you look at any search result you may care to carry out on any search engine you will find that the big boys are now dictating the terms on the Internet also. It seems that these days no matter how great a product or how snazzy your website is you are now competing with the megabucks for the top search positions.

Not so long ago it was keywords metatags and above all content that dictated the terms on the Internet but this seems no longer to be the case. With multi-billion dollar companies such as Google virtually controlling the Net it stands to reason that they will have lost sight of their roots and forgotten that they started at the bottom. They no longer cater for the smaller business and seem now to concentrate fully on pulling in the mega-bucks companies and as a result we are now experiencing big business domination of the Internet.

Effective advertising on the likes of Google is rapidly moving beyond the budget of the Small Internet Business. With pay per click advertising now costing as much as $100 per click for top keywords. Anyone who is trying to sell just a couple of products to a niche market is finding online advertising no longer within their grasp.

Search results are always the same. No matter what you search for the results are always dominated by the big guns and the small business is lost somewhere within the other 2 million results that no one except the most hardy of surfers is ever going to discover.

Its a crying shame that the Internet is moving so rapidly in this direction. It’s the small business that normally has the exciting innovative new product or deals in merchandise no longer seen on the high street. This invariably means that not only are these small and very keen businesses been swept away by the tide of big business. It also means that our choice as consumers will begin to decrease. As more and more of the interesting websites bite the dust will the Internet become as tedious as the high street.

Are we going to see a shift in the way the small business competes for position or are we heading towards an Internet where all you can do is watch tv, download music and shop on the high street. The time is about right for a small business revolution to take place. Lets show them that we wont take this lying down, we were here when the big boys were only thinking that the Internet had possibilities. Its not big business that put Google where it is. It was us the small independent specialist and it will be us who rule again.

Collectively we have more power than the biggest of the big. We can rule the roost if we choose to and we have the power to structure the Internet to suit our needs. Well at least some of it.

Is it time to make a stand and turn our backs on the pressures placed on us by big business and our one time ally Google. Where do we go from here. Do we look to alternative forms of capturing those all important site visitors or do we curl up and die saying I cant take anymore.

I think not. I think the time has come for an advertising revolution and its going to come surprisingly enough from one of you. The small business owner. The innovative thinker. Someone who actually cares.