One of things that I have learned from sales courses is that when I try to make an appointment with a potential client, I always give him at least two options. And most people will limit themselves to those two options. They rarely think beyond those options. If they cannot make it, then I offer the next available options.

For example, if I were to ask someone for an appointment, I would ask him whether he could make it at 3pm Tuesday or 10am Thursday. Even though I may have other available timeslots, I would not offer them the other timeslots. The objective is to make the person to focus and commit to an appointment.

Try observing salesperson around you. When they try to fix an appointment with you, do they resort to this technique?

I always wander why does this technique work most of the time. Finally, I understand that our mind has a tendency to limit ourselves to belief.

When I give a person two choices even though there are more choices, most people will automatically limit them to the belief that there are only two choices. This is more apparent in a scenario where there is only one choice.

For instance, the law says that I need to have a driving license to drive a car. Though I knew how to drive a car but I had failed to renew my license. Normally, I would feel that I have only one choice or rather no choice. That is I could not drive a car. But if I encounter an emergency where I need to run for my life by driving off or need to send someone to hospital by driving, then there seemed to be an alternative choice of driving without a license.

I am not telling you to break any law. What I am trying to highlight is that there are always alternative choice. Whether or not the alternative choice is a good choice, you have to be aware of the consequences and decide for yourself.

This ability to see the alternative choice is very important to get out of mental traps created by our own limiting beliefs. Next time if you feel that you are trapped by a mental situation, always examine carefully. There bound to be an alternative way out.

The idea that I will like to share with you:

If you think hard enough, there is always an alternative choice.


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