Alligators truly are natures best ambush predators. The simple fact that they have been existence since the age of the dinosaurs is amazing. Within this long period of time they have not at all changed except that they are a little smaller. If you can go back 100 million years ago and catch a glimpse of an alligator it would look exactly the same. With that being said they must have a pretty darn good survival strategy, one that includes hunting and eating other living creatures.

Now Im going to walk you through how an alligator goes about killing its prey, I want you to imagine being the alligator. It all starts with the alligators ingenious natural design. At the top of their head is their eyes and snout. So the alligator can completely submerge its body leaving only its eyes and nose to scan the surrounding area.

From here the alligator can very easily locate unweary prey that comes up to the waters edge looking for a drink. Then suddenly it vanishes not to be seen underwater. This is where the alligator is deadliest, evolution has granted alligators the ability to hold their breath for literally hours underwater.

Next, more quite and undetected than a stealth bomber, the alligator creeps closer and closer to its unsuspecting victim at the waters edge. Literally getting feet from its prey without the animal knowing.

Then with the speed of a bullet lunges out and snaps down on its prey, using jaws lined up with bone crushing teeth that can exert three thousand pounds of pressure per square inch. Once in these jaws its all over there is pretty much no escape.

The alligator drags its prey underwater and drowns it in minutes, and since the alligator can hold its breath for and hour plus this isnt a problem at all.

This my friends is natures perfect ambush predator. There is no other creature that has been using the same hunting technique for over 100 million years, never once having to change a bit. The American alligator along with its other crocodilian cousins are not only natures perfect predators, but natures best survival story.