It’s the symbol of each company. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression that a logotype is the eyes of the company and every customer or client tries to look deeply at them and find the truth about the company there. That’s why you should be more careful while choosing the logotype for the corporate image of your company.
Nowadays all the companies can be divided into two groups – companies that have their corporate logo and companies that are looking for it. If you belong to the second group, I advise you to read this article attentively – maybe you’ll find some interesting and useful information.
There are different classifications of logotype. First of all, they can be
– illustrative logo, or descriptive ( reflects the main activity of the company)
– logo-icon (some graphical symbol with a certain content)
– logo-type ( original spelling of the company’s name)
Every of these types has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide what type or combination of the types do you want for your company. However, it’s not so important. The main thing is how the logo you chose suits to your company and whether it is clear for your potential clients; unclear logotypes become extinct as well as their owners. Simplicity and clearness are the main characteristics of the logotype. Clients or customers shouldn’t be confused with the form of your logotype. They have to guess what’s the occupation of the company at first sight to decide whether it’s what they were looking for or whether they need your services or products. However, there’s another point of view – a logotype must strike the imagination of the potential clients, rose their interests, make them visit your company without informing them what services or products you offer. This variant can be profitable and unsuccessful as well. Having visited your company the customers may be disappointed because they didn’t find that product they’ve imagined looking at your logo. But in the same time you get new visitors of your company and may try to convince them of making some purchases. All depends on your way of advertising your goods or services and attracting new clients and customers.
Except of simplicity and clearness the logotype has another characteristics such as:
– it can be scaled
– it should be recognized
– it should be long-lived
– it should show the best correlation with the main purposes of the company
– it can be described in one’s own words
– it should have its own color and some variable combinations
– it should be attractive for the customer
Making a choice you should take into account all these aspects to guarantee your company an adequate logotype. But first of all you should take another important decision – where to get this ideal logo. You have two variants. The first is to ask for the help of some professional designer and the second is to buy it in the store of ready logotypes.
Let’s view both these variants in details and try to find advantages and disadvantages of each one. For instance, you’ve decided to address to the design studio. It’s good opportunity for you to take part in the creative process. You’ll give some pieces of advice, different facts and information about your company to the designer, in turn he’ll offer you various designs of the future logotype. There’s no guarantee that you would like one of them and your time and money would spent all for nothing. But there is another more successful ending of you cooperation with the designer. He satisfied all your needs and you’ll get original and high-quality logotype for rather expensive price. Maybe it would be worth such costs. But we shouldn’t forget about the advertising of our logo. Most inputs must be spent in this sphere, because without proper advertising even the ideal logotype will fall into obscurity. It must become familiar to the customers to rouse their associations of the quality and reliability. As an illustration can be the well-known logotypes – Adidas, Coca-Cola, Sony, which became so popular due to numerous advertising projects. Who might guess that world-famous logo Nike was developed only for 20$. However, we don’t know how much money was invested in its advertising. Now Nike is associated with the quality and reliability, but it’s unknown whether it would become so popular without such huge advertising campaign. Therefore, we may draw a conclusion that each owner of a company should give more attention (i.e. time and money) to the advertising of the logo, but not to its design. Of course, it must be original and unique, but it’s not necessary to address to the design studio to find such. You have second variant – try to buy a ready logotype.
Today on the market there are lots of stores offering ready logotypes. In such stores there is represented wide choice of logotypes. You should only choose one that meets all your requirements and appropriates to your company in the best way. Of course you may change something, it’s your right. In such store you can get immediately an illustrative example of your future logotype at a reasonable price. The rest of money you intended to spend on logo campaign you can and should use on its advertising. It’s the most acceptable variant to be sure that your logotype will get success on the market.
It’s only your decision where to buy a logotype for your company. Each of these two variants is profitable in its own way. But you should remember that in both these cases you have to make a choice of logotype and you have to make the right choice. There are some characteristics you should pay attention to. A logotype is a masterpiece. It should stay the same in its different versions, for instance in black-and-white combination. As an illustration I can cite the where potential buyers can view logotypes in different recommended color combinations, in grey gradation or inversion. This will help you to imagine your logo on packings of your goods, calling cards, fax copies and other things. If after all this operations the logotype is still looking presentable, you can buy it without any fears. There is another old way to test a logo. You should cut its typed version on eight parts. If in each of these parts you can recognize the whole logo, it is worth being purchased.
The other thing I want to advise you is not to change the logotype very often. It’s not working on the prospering of your company. Quite the contrary, view the example – you’re the owner of furniture company and your logo looks like a chair. Your customers used to associate this chair with quality and availability of your products. If you change this chair on the couch, they may think that you change your policies as well. And it will need more time to get their confidence and trust again. People will stop to trust your company, if you change your logotype every year, for instance.
To conclude with, I would like to cite: «When is spiral not just simple spiral? The answer is when this spiral is a logotype». Thus, everything may be considered as a logotype. The main thing is to present it in the best way.