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How does it work? Its no secret: the articles are especially made for Internet marketing. They are about the sites which they intend to promote; they contain keywords referring to a certain business and links pointing to the clients site. The keywords are not used randomly, but are repeated for a certain number of times in those articles. Their use mustnt be abusive as this can be a little suspicious for search engines as well as create discomfort while reading. The keywords are used throughout the entire text, not only in a certain paragraph and their percentage is well-determined beforehand. This means that the articles are well optimized for search engines.

Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista and other search engines work using the same criteria: keywords. Their searches are made when their users type in certain keywords and phrases which might lead them to websites who offer them the information they need. Articles are made keeping in mind exactly this. Through the repetition of certain keywords, the pages on which the articles are placed become theme pages (in theme with the clients site). These pages have links pointing to those sites, therefore the search engines identify these articles and the pages they are on as being from the same area with the clients business. These types of links (in theme with the site they indicate) are very valuable and lead to a boost in ranking in the search engines site listing.

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Articles are benefic from more points of view. First, they are valuable for search engines. Secondly, they can be a wonderful source of information for persons interested in your business who might stumble upon them through multiple searches on certain subjects and keywords related to your website. This is why they advertise your company in more ways than one. Thirdly, articles dont have to be used only through article submission services. With the help of skilled writers, copywriters and SEO professionals, optimized text can improve and up date your sites information. Search engines love this as well.

If your website is a valuable online resource in your field of work, then you must add content if not on a daily basis, at least as often as possible. This will attract your visitors and keep them interested in what you have to say through your articles. Search engines also appreciate this as they index new content as soon as they detect it recalculating PR and positioning. In fact, this is why sites which publish articles often have a high PR. Their pages are rich in optimized text and constantly reevaluated. Yours should be the same.