Every girl has dreamed about their wedding day. They want it to be beautiful and perfect, just like in their dreams. But when it actually becomes a reality, the planning and stress can ruin that dream they once had. That is why many couples are opting to hire a professional wedding planner. A wedding planner with a solid reputation and good references can relieve most of the stress that goes along with planning a big wedding. They can also be helpful when planning a small or medium-sized wedding. Although their services might be quite expensive, the peace of mind that they provide is often well worth their fees.One of the advantages of hiring a professional wedding planner is that they usually have connections with the local services that are used for a wedding. Churches, reception halls, and caterers are typically the three big things that a couple is concerned with for their wedding day. Wedding planners may have special deals with these vendors and they might also get you a discount for these services. Oftentimes, they network with these services so that they both benefit by giving each other business. This can work to your benefit because you get reputable services without having to go through the trouble of testing several different companies.Helping you and our fiancĂ© decide the important aspects of your wedding is what professional wedding planners get paid to do. Depending on the contract you sign with them, you can leave as many or as few of the decisions up to them that you see fit. They can also act as a “middleman” so that every vendor associated with the event is not calling you to ask you minor questions. The wedding planner can oftentimes answer the questions without having to even bother you. That is generally what you are paying them for.Professional wedding planners have also been through this before. They know what problems are likely to creep up and they have ways of dealing with them. Did the bride get a small, yet noticeable tear in her dress? A good wedding planner is prepared for this. Did the flower shop send you one less boutonnire than what you ordered? Many experienced wedding planners have a solution already prepared for such an event. The peace of mind that a professional wedding planner often provides is worth the price alone.You can let your wedding planner be as involved as your contract with them allows. Many decisions can be left up to them if you let them. If you just want to show up at the wedding and let the planner prepare everything, that is your prerogative as long as your contract agrees. If you don’t think your planner is fulfilling their end of the deal, though, you should consult your contract with them. It is possible that you have not paid for services that you wanted them to do. Having an argument with your wedding planner prior to the wedding only adds unnecessary stress to the already stressful situation.