Probably the single biggest baby growth and development problem parents struggle with, is this…

They suffer from a lack of a clear plan to tell them what to look out for and what do.

Mostly they suffer from 2 common afflictions.

They suffer from a lack of a clear route, and secondly, they suffer from a lack of specific corrective actions to get development back on track.

Let’s go ahead and first look how a lack of a clear route troubles parents.

Many parents instinctively know that babies eventually grow up and learn to crawl and walk. But obviously there’s more to it than this.

Most parents are totally unaware of all the clear signs along the baby growth and development route.

What this means is that parents may be unaware of what exactly to look out for while their child is growing up. They frequently do not know how to measure their child’s progress.

One of the easiest and best ways to follow your infant’s development route, is by following the “baby milestones” -or simply milestones.

Merely knowing which milestones to look for goes a very long way towards helping parents to measure their baby’s development.

And of course, to know if your baby masters all the skills and gets all learning skills while growing up.

And although following the milestones is already a great relief and comfort for worrying parents, it still lacks one important part, namely timing.

Baby growth and development is more than merely following a specific route. It also requires babies to stick to a very specific schedule.

What this means is that baby milestones must not only be mastered, but must also be mastered within a specific age period.

So, even though an infant may be mastering the milestones, she may be doing this too slowly.

Stated differently, regardless of how cruel it may sound, but even infants are in trouble if they miss their deadlines. Only their deadline is the ability to properly master a specific skill at the right age.

This is the one area where many parents totally lack guidance. Most parents are unaware that there’s a schedule to mastering the milestones.

Reaching a few milestones too late is often a good sign that everything is not in order and that encouragement and other remedial action may be needed to get development back on track.

This is where the advantage of specific remedial action steps are very handy and sometimes even essential. These steps are required to encourage and improve an infant’s development in specific areas.

Years’ research and observations have proven remedial actions to get baby development back on track should it be too slow.

But correcting deviations does not happen immediately and may sometimes take some time to show results. Most parents allow too little time for any remedial actions to take effect and correct development problems.

This only leads to disappointment, more stress and worries… and a persisting baby development problem.

So, how do we overcome our baby growth and development worries?

Here’s a 2-Step Plan to beat the most common baby growth and development problems:

Step 1: Learn the major baby milestones and the accompanying skills your infant must master

Step 2: Learn the schedule for reaching these milestones – when must it be mastered?

However simple these 2 baby growth and development tips may be, they work.

It even gives you the chance to take the right remedial actions at the right time… should it be needed.