In the process of putting up a business, most of the owners or the incorporators hire lawyers with the expertise in the prevailing State or Federal Labor laws to help them in designing an employment manual to be implemented in their company. The lawyers should therefore thoroughly analyze all its contents to eliminate any irregularities and contradictions as regards to the civil laws. The agreements which will be asserted in the manual are very much crucial resource in maintaining a good employer-employee relation. This also declares the rules and proper work ethics that the employees should observe in dealing with their jobs. Generally, these manual also includes statements on employment severance to determine what benefits and other compensations will be given to those employees who, for some reasons, will be terminated in their job post.

Particularly, an employment severance package is handed over to the outgoing employee by the employers as stated in their employee manual. The benefits which may come along with the package include the remaining salaries of the employees as well as their retirement benefits, and other additional reimbursements like medical, dental and life insurance grants to name some. The amounts of compensation an employee may receive also vary on length of their tenure in the company, manner of termination and the companys financial condition. This package, however, is a tool for the employers in order to get away with other legal liabilities which may result in the unlawful termination of their workers. Furthermore, this benefit depends on the employers discretion and most of the times awarded to their employees in exchange of a promise not to file any other legal claims in the future. In reverse, the employer can be sued in court if they were not able to provide their employees with such reasonable settlement or severance package.

Before engaging in a negotiation for an employment severance package, a worker should first take into account some important matters. These include making sure that the package gives them enough additional compensation before signing the papers regarding the termination from their jobs. They should also ask their employers to provide them release of rights as their protection for future harassments that may be filed against them. Last, they should see to it that all the details of the severance requirements are properly and correctly asserted.

To further understand these steps, one may take the legal advice of a capable labor lawyer to ensure that he is getting the rightful employment severance package from his employer. More so, the assistance of a highly-qualified and competent lawyer can be his assurance of acquiring the biggest possible monetary benefits that he can get without the fear of being retaliated by his employer in the future.

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