When we talk of data recovery, terms like hard disk recovery, hard drive recovery, and other terms related to computers are always in the surface. In terms of companies offering data recovery, several names can be mentioned, but definitely only few are known. In this article, I will be dealing with the brief history of one of the prime data recovery experts in the world the ‘Ontrack’ system.

Ontrack is known among the many experts in the field of computer technology. The company always achieves high prestige for its powerful services offered. As far as I know, Ontrack was founded in 1985 by Michael Rogers, John Pence and Gary Stevens famous personalities in the world of computers. They, accordingly, saw a need in the disk drive market and come up with their first product, which is Disk Manager Software, a hard disk installation service.

When the Disk Manager Software was introduced, the then up-to-date 32 megabyte size limit in DOS was broken, and it allowed access to the new larger 40 megabyte hard drives. This event led to the production of many Disk Manager Software, for at that time disk drive manufacturers offered this Ontrack software solution to their users. With that, it is said that Disk Manager has installed more than 80 million drives worldwide.

Microsoft, Apple, Sun, SCO and Novell are just among the industry leaders that appreciate the Ontrack software development efforts. It is interesting to know that the Novell industry featured the Ontrack system for NetWare software, a NLM data protection and recovery service for Novell schemes, in their Certified NetWare Engineer training courses. Software, in fact, is a perfect piece of the Ontrack protection and recovery solution.

In 1998, Ontrack Data Recovery came to purchase the Easy Recovery software, which grants the users to recover data in not-so-sophisticated situations. This software is definitely cheap because this is a do-it-yourself software product. Easy Recovery software in turn offers an alternative solution to Ontrack, Remote Data Recovery or in-lab data recovery services.

In 1999 another development took place in Ontrack. The company at that time acquired Mijenix Corporation and added ZipMagic, Fix-IT Utilities, PowerDesk and EasyUpdate SDK to their accumulation of software solutions. And surprisingly, in November 1999, Ontrack released new products, such as Ontrack SystemSuite 2000, EasyUninstall 2000, ZipMagic 2000, and Fix-IT Utilities 2000.

Amazing as it may seem, Ontrack experts were able to rescue data from more than 125,000 systems since its first data recovery in 1987. The Companys interest and dedication led to the emergence of a breakthrough technology named Remote Data Recovery services. With this new breakthrough in the field of computer technology, the specialists were able to perform perfect recoveries directly on a customers computer from a remote area. Aside from these developments, Ontrack has also applied their technology to develop a unique service for the legal, government and corporate communities. These Ontrack innovations in the end led and defined the essence of the computer technology industry.