To ensure you’re making the law of attraction work for you – not against you – be sure you’re not making these common errors:

1 – Don’t Believe You Can Achieve it.

This is by far the most subversive saboteur of all. Not believing is the subtle, lethal destroyer of our dreams. Many conscious creators will claim loudly, “But, I DO believe and it still isn’t happening!” If you do not manifest what you want, rest assured that you do not believe you can achieve it on some level. This shows up as attachment. When we don’t believe we can have what we want, we feel attached (afraid, sad, resentful, angry etc.)

If what you want does not manifest there are only two reasons (and they are intimately entangled to such a degree that they cannot be undone without awareness.) The first and foremost is on some level you do not and have not accepted your unlimited potential; you do not believe you deserve it and you believe (no matter how embedded and hidden the belief) that what you want is not possible for you. This belief is some semblance of a core limiting belief such as: I’m not good enough; nothing ever works out for me; people like me don’t get things like that, I’m not intelligent enough, I’m not worthy, etc.

The other reason for not getting what you say you want is because you have another desire that simply outweighs the one that’s not manifesting. The Universe is answering your strongest point of attraction at all times and you are not taking that into account.

For example, you want more prosperity and therefore you attempt to manifest more clients. However, simultaneously you want more time freedom to spend with your family. Somewhere within you, you believe that if you have more clients you’ll have less time with your family. If your positive desire for family time is stronger than your desire for more clients, family time will win and you will be unable to attract more clients. The solution must be to break the limiting belief and be inspired to manifest a solution to having both, more prosperity and more time freedom.

2 – Dig Up the Seeds to See if They Are Growing.

Would you plant tulips on Monday and dig up the dirt to see if they are sprouting on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday, and again on Thursday, and so on?

No. However, that’s exactly what we do with the Law of Attraction: plant a seed on Monday and by Tuesday you’re digging it up! We give the Universe our list of what we want in a mate. Show up to the single’s event and say, “Okay. where is he/she?” You look around and immediately feel disappointed that no one here appears to be a match to anything on your order form!

This sends out a ray of doubt and negativity that then makes your harvest that much farther away. Instead, choose to be patient and trust, trust, trust in the Divine Timing.

3 – Ignore Your Negative Emotions and Doubts.

This one is tricky because ignoring your negative emotions and doubts is better than cementing them into reality by sharing them with others without release. However, if you have doubts that you ignore and sweep under the carpet then you are still sabotaging your dreams.

A negative emotion is your signal from the Universe that you do not believe and you are attached. Ignoring the thought/emotion is like swallowing a teaspoon of pine sol. It won’t kill your dream immediately but the end result is going to be more likely to be a pale, wilted version of your ideal manifestation.

What you want to manifest will never be as easy, smooth, magical and fulfilling as when you address and eliminate your doubts.

4 – Dismiss the Small Steps and the Signs of Land as Meaningless.

Attempting to manifest a new car? Did you dismiss the email that had a picture of your car as nothing?

Attempting to manifest a promotion? Did you feel angry when your supervisor insinuated that your work needed improvement?

Attempting to manifest a mate? Did you ignore the smile from that handsome/beautiful stranger on the elevator because they were too tall, too short, not likely to be attracted to you, etc.?

With every manifestation, you will SEE and experience “signs of land”. A sign of land is the evidence that you are indeed on the right pathway to manifest what you want. Some signs of land appear as ‘driftwood’ and other signs appear as beautiful flora and fauna.

Every sign of land is a message from your angels. When you get the negative feedback from your boss, it may be driftwood, but it’s an important message that you are NOT aligned with that promotion. You must change something if you are to get that raise from within the company that you are currently employed. It’s not something to be upset about but a sign that you have ‘work’ to do. Very important information, if you are to navigate consciously to the promotion (or dream) you really want.

Recognizing and appreciating the driftwood allows you to then choose how to re-direct your ship. If you feel negative about your sign of land, then it’s your inner beings way of telling you that you are heading for unfriendly waters. You want to change your intentions and attention or suffer a shipwreck on savage land.

When you share a smile with a stranger, it’s a beautiful bird, sign of land. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are the ONE, it only matters that you recognize that your mate is on their way (or here now) because the signs are all around you!

Gratitude is a powerful attractor. Use it to nurture and care for your dreams by giving thanks for every sign of land.

5 – Commit Half-heartedly to Your Law of Attraction Exercises.

Do you get excited about attracting something (for an hour) then your excitement wanes and your exercises peter off into minimal or no effort whatsoever?

Do you write down your top 6 goals for life everyday or do you just hope your subconscious mind remembers what you want for life and guides you every day anyway?

The Law of Attraction is so simple and easy to apply, that most of us take it for granted. We half-heartedly throw out a desire into the air once or twice a day or week, and wonder why what we want isn’t happening.

If you’re manifesting butterflies or hummingbirds, it is just that easy. throw it into the air with a little bit of gratitude and it will appear.

However, if you want to manifest your status as a millionaire but you’re currently living off of credit cards, then a few off the cuff affirmations without ongoing commitment, attention, and inspired action will NOT be enough to create millionaire prosperity.

Write your top 6 goals, every day. Write your list of what you intend to attract, daily. Write down what limiting beliefs keep you from success and EFT them or surrender them.

Persistent visualization along with persistent and consistent inspired action will bring forth incredible manifestations and success.