Remember when cell phones first came out? Well, maybe you don’t. But they were simple, basically offering exactly what was needed to make a phone call and nothing more. These days, manufacturers are loading cell phones with everything imaginable from cameras to personal data assistant features and full internet access.

So how can you, as a consumer, pick a cell phone that’s right for you, that meets your needs with out having to pay for a lot of features you’ll never use? By being aware of what you’re actually looking for in a cell phone. When choosing a cell phone, you’ll notice that there are a ton of differences between makes, models and pricing. There are cell phones with every feature imaginable or desirable at every price.

While browsing through the dozens of models, hundreds of features and styles, you’ll probably be asking yourself which one will serve you the best. Ask what you are really going to use it for. Do you just want a phone or does having a digital camera on hand sound like something you’d use constantly. If you want a feature like that, make sure that you know the costs of sending photos as they’ll become additional charges on your bill.

Always have a full schedule? A phone with a PDA feature may be perfect for you. Are you someone with staff that travels all over town? Then a GPS phone may be right for you. Make sure you ask about any additional fees that may be included with the use of these handy features, especially if you’re traveling outside the country.

Now that you’ve determined the features you want, you will need to consider the style or type of phone that will work best for you. Size and weight, do you want something that is lightweight that will sit comfortably in your pocket or would you prefer something with a little more substance. There is also choices between flip phones and bar phones, speakerphones, or headphone jack. Many states and countries have made it illegal to talk on the cell phone in the car without a hands free set. Having one is a great way to not have to dig in a pocket or purse. Many hands free sets allow you to use the phone with the headset and speaker phones allow you to speak will driving or while moving around. Do you want a color display or is black and white preferable.

No matter what type of cell phone you’re looking for, making sure you know the features you want and types and styles will go along way to saving you a bundle with your cell phone purchase. You want to make sure you don’t pay for anything you’re not going to use or end up paying for things you used but didn’t know were extra. Being educated and doing your research is essential when making such as substantial purchase like a cell phone.