Are you married, to your work? Online dating can be an answer for you if you do not have time to get out and socialize. This is a common problem for both women and men today. Here are 4 tips to help you balance work and dating.

1. Do you even know if you work too much? Many people are so engrained in the work lifestyle that the idea of a social life seems remote to them. One reason people work too much is they are missing something in their lives. Putting work ahead of friends, family and relationships is a natural way to overcome this. Online dating can fill some of that void and getting away from the office a little early is one way to do that.

Why do you work too much? This is a fair question if you think you are working too much. Is it your boss pushing you? Is it your desire to get a promotion? Or again, are you working too hard to compensate for something else?

2. If you do go out on a date then make sure you focus on them when you do go out. This is hard for people who work too much to do. Put the cell phone away. Forget about the report that is due tomorrow. You have a date and if you want to have another one you would be smart to work hard on paying attention to the one you are on.

3. One good online dating tip that has paid off for people in the past is to ask for advice before you go out. Who better to ask than a friend who is married. If they have a happy marriage they may be able to offer you some advice that will help you go out and have a good time. If you have a friend who is doing online dating right now ask for their advice as well.

4. Work at developing a life away from work. This is where online dating can help you. Finding someone to spend time with that could not care less about your career could be a real blessing to you. Finding a partner that has similar interests and hobbies will help you get a balance in your life that you do not have right now.

Work is an important part of your life, but it can not be the only thing. Give online dating a chance and see if it is for you.