1. Avoid the rush

Very often with picking auto insurance coverage we go for a quick fix and a cheaap price. The auto insurance companies make alot of extra money off of us when we don’t take the time to hunt around. So try not to get yourself in a position where you need auto insurance right away. In some cases this part is hard to avoid especially when we are in need of cheap auto insurance before we go to court for a driving ticket or the state has a “no tags, no coverage” policy.

2. Read your auto insurance coverage agreement.

Even though most of us don’t understand insurance ocntracts. We should still take the time to read them. One of the things you can do is read it with a highlighting pen in hand. This is so you can highlight the parts you don’t understand. Then when you go back to the auto insurance sales person just ask questions about the highlighted areas. If they can’t fully explain them then you my want to speak with another company that can.

3. Weigh the cost.

Now that you didn’t rush to get your insurance, and you fully understand the auto insurance agreements. this is the must important step in picking cheap auto insurance. Find what the coverage will cost you then compare policies. Most companies give you a FREE cost comparison. I personally wouldn’t recommend it becaues they don’t give any details on the auto insurance coverage plan from the competition, which is a “no-no” in step 1.

So to appropriately weigh the cost you must ask these 3 things:

A) What kinda of auto insurance does your state require?

B) What kind of driver are you and how much coverage do you need?

C) What price can you afford on your budget?

Once ou have done the 3 steps you should have a cheap auto insurance
policy that is good for you , your car, and pockets.