Recognizing depression is complex, a matter usually left to professionals. However, there are 6 key signs that can give clues that you, or someone you love, needs professional help.

Let me say at the outset – depresssion is nothing to be ashamed of or to feel guilty about. It afflicts millions of people. It can be a chemical imbalance or a mental disfunction. Most importantly, it can be treated successfully.

How can you know when someone is suffering from depression or a manic disorder? You may not realize that each and every kind of symptom of depression are actually not hidden or mysterious. They are plain to see if one knows what to look for. At the same time it is actually quite easy to overlook such symptoms and not be able to help yourself or others who are suffering from depression. One can be too close to the forest to see the trees, so to speak.

There are actually many symptoms of depression. Some are not seen or felt every single day which makes them more difficult to identify. Also, since symptoms of depression actually vary, the time of their “attacks” varies as well.

Here are 10 of the most common symptoms of depression:

1) Prolonged period of sadness or not feeling “up to it”. This is always that feeling of “not in the mood”. This person would rather mope around the house and feel sorry for themselves.

2) A feeling of hopelessness, perennial pessimisism, speaking of feeling sorry for ones self. This is coupled with actually feeling like he/she has nothing to look forward to in his or her life. As for being the perennial pessimist, those who show this symptom of depression are usually very negative about things, again, the feeling of hopelessness comes in to mind.

3) Guilt-driven and loss of self-worth. Feeling overwhelming guilt over something can actually make you very sad and make you feel like you do not deserve to be happy. Thus, the loss of self-worth. If you feel you are not worthy of being happy or enjoying yourself, thats a clear tell-tale symptom of depression. Add to this a feeling that things simply will not go your way reinforces a feeling of being a victim of circumstances.

4) Has lost taking pleasure in simple things in life, a spirit of adventure, or hobbies, anything one used to enjoy doing. This is especially true when you begin shunning activities that involve family or friends and become reclusive.

5) Fatigue, always feeling tired or run down physically or mentally. People suffering from depression, having lost whatever interest in life that they may have had before are actually depleted of physical energy. Moping around, not eating properly, not getting enough restful sleep, all lead a depressed person on a path to not just a mental illness but to physical illnedd as well.

6) Having trouble concentrating, having bad memory and is indecisive. A person who is suffering from depression easily gives away this tell-tale symptom of depression. Wherein ones lack of interest in the outside world, or in just about anything for that matter, can lead to an inability to keep track of things, not be able to remember things that happened, or recent conversations. Lack of interest actually makes depressed people very inattentive and their living quarters quite disorganized and messy.